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Home Addition Services 


Transform Your Home Space With EG Homes Florida

Discover the perfect solution for adding more space to your home with EG Homes Florida! Specializing in home addition services, we are dedicated to elevating your living space with comfort and style. Our home addition service is designed to cater to your unique needs, offering tailored solutions to expand your home with extra space and unmatched comfort. As a top custom home builder, we're dedicated to delivering quality services from the beginning to the final touches.


Whether you're dreaming of an additional story, a sunroom bathed in natural light, a garage conversion for enhanced functionality, or a detached unit for added privacy, our team possesses the expertise and creativity needed to transform your ideas into reality. Our home addition services are designed to improve and enlarge your living area seamlessly, giving you a high-quality atmosphere that you'll adore. At EG Homes Florida, there's no need to consider relocation when renovation can beautifully and practically enhance your living space.

Bring Your Unique Dream Home Design To Reality

At EG Homes, we're proud to commit ourselves to providing the very best in every step of home building. Starting from the foundation to the final touches, our focus is on high-quality craftsmanship. We use the finest materials and skilled builders to bring your vision to life. Our dedication extends to various services, including kitchen renovations, and bathroom renovations. 


Quality is our top priority when bringing your dream space to life. Our knowledgeable staff uses the very best materials to ensure your home is built with meticulous attention to detail. Your ideal place reflects your aspirations, and at EG Homes, we're on a mission to exceed your expectations in both beauty and functionality. We prioritize open communication, ensuring transparency and honesty throughout the entire process. Your dreams matter to us, and at EG Homes, we're dedicated to delivering a level of quality that enhances your living experience.


Trust EG Homes Florida for quality service that stands the test of time. We take pride in creating spaces that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Contact us at (561) 400-5528 to discuss your ideas and let's build something exceptional together!


Transform your dream home! 

Share your project, and we'll make it happen.

Discover EG Homes Florida, where we're committed to turning your vision into reality. Explore what sets us apart and see how we bring homes to life with care and craftsmanship.

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  • What Is the Process of Building a Custom Home?
    We are here to fulfill your requirement for a custom home at the best prices. Our process begins by understanding your vision, needs, and preferences. After that From there, our team will design and plan your dream home according to your instructions. Once the design is finalized, we proceed with the construction phase, providing regular updates and ensuring your involvement throughout. We aim to make the journey of building your custom home as smooth and transparent as possible.
  • Can I Customize Every Aspect of My Home?
    Absolutely! We specialize in creating tailor-made homes in Florida. You have the freedom to personalize every detail, from layout and architectural style to materials, fixtures, and finishes. Your preferences guide our designs, ensuring your dream home reflects your unique taste and lifestyle.
  • What Sets You Apart From Other Custom Home Builders Companies in Florida?
    We are proud of our dedication to excellence in craftsmanship and client satisfaction. Our skilled professionals deliver projects that go above and beyond expectations by combining knowledge and creativity. To provide our clients with a satisfying building experience, we place a high value on open communication, transparency, and attention to detail throughout the whole process.
  • How Much Time Does a Custom Home Usually Take to Build?
    A custom home's construction time varies vastly. It depends on a number of variables, such as its size, design complexity, ease of obtaining permits, and the local climate. Between the first phases of planning and the end of the process, it could take several months to a year on average. Depending upon your requirements and other factors, our team will provide you with the expected completion duration. We give our best and ensure that you can get your dream home within your desired timeframe.
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